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The Classic Lace Wig Collection

Where luxury meets tradition, The Classic Collection by UniWigs blends the craft of experienced artisans with premium materials, creating a glamorous look that’s comfortable and functional for all day wear. Keeping with the desires of women everywhere, we pick the best styles to use with our premium Remy Human Hair and ultra-comfortable caps. The result is classically brilliant style for every situation, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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Uniwigs Lace front wigs

A lace front wig is a wig that hairline is constructed of lace material. This material is made out of French Lace or Swiss Lace and is virtually undetectable, This Material could reflect the natural color of the scalp. The hair is knotted into the lace and appears to grow from the scalp offering a natural appearance. Only a lace front wig can be trusted to maintain the illusion of growing hair and it’s the most preferred choice of celebrities, actors, and people in media. 100% Indian Remy hair or Chinese Remy hair, different cap constructions, single knots at perimeter and double knots for sides and top, bleaching knots, baby hair, freestyle, high and low ponytail. The lace front cap is applied with either special adhesive that is safe for human skin wefts, or tape. The adhesive disappears into the lace front wigs and creates the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp.

Cap size for UniWigs Human Hair Lace Wigs(lace front and full lace)
Cap size for UniWigs Human Hair Lace Wigs(lace front and full lace)

Usually, we can measure the size of the head size as follows: 1. Circumference 2. From forehead to nape of neck 3. Ear to ear across front hairline 4. Ear to ear over top of head 5. Temple to temple 6. Nape of neck

How to Maintain a Curly Cosplay Wig

Putting together a cosplay costume involves time and effort, so taking care of every part of it, including the wig, means you get to show off your hard work for a long time to come. Maintaining a curly wig calls for some special supplies. However, unless your wig is made of 100 percent human hair, do not use heat-styling tools on it or you may melt the fibers. Instead, use the right techniques on your curly wig to keep it looking great for the next con.

Wear a wig cap under your wig to help keep your natural scalp oils from soiling the wig.

Use products designed specifically for synthetic wigs, such as liquid wig mousse, to take down frizz. Do not use regular hair products, which can degrade your wig. To use the wig mousse, apply a small amount to your hands and work it into the wig, starting at the ends.

Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the wig. Do not use a brush, which would ruin the curls. You may shake the wig to keep the curls bouncy.

Store the wig after each use on a wig stand or in a wig storage net. Make sure you store it styled and not folded. Keep it in a cool, dry location.

Wash your cosplay wig only every 12 to 20 wears because each wash shortens the life of your wig and relaxes the curls. Infrequent cosplayers need to wash their wigs only rarely. Check to see if the wig is greasy or has an odor. If so, give your wig a wash.

Fill a sink with a few inches of cool water. Do not use hot water which will relax the curls. Add a tablespoon of synthetic wig shampoo to the water and submerge the wig. Let it soak for a few minutes before gently swirling it around in the water. Soak the wig for a few more minutes in the soapy water.

Becky Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Becky Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Rinse the shampoo out with clean cool water.

Lay the wig out on a towel and gently blot it. Do not rub or wring it out. Use your fingers to arrange the curls so they set nicely as they dry. If the curls are tangled, spray a little leave-on wig conditioner over the wig. Work out the knots with your fingers, starting at the ends and working up to the roots. Arrange the curls and let it air dry on a towel.

Tighten up loose curls by wrapping the locks smoothly around sponge curlers. Be careful not to fold any strands of hair or they will set that way.

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Questions & Answers Written by Lace Front Wig Experts

  • What is a lace front wig?

    A lace front wig is a type of wig which is constructed with lace in the front, other known as “lacefront” and a stretchable lace cap in the back. The lace appears as if it’s part of the natural hairline.

    • How is a lace wig made?

      A lace wig is made by taking Swiss or French lace and contouring it to a mold of a head using wig measurements. Once the cap is completed remy hair is used sewn into the wig based on the selected length and quality. The last step is texturing the hair to meet your desired look.

      How do I attach a my lace wig?

      A lace wig can be attached to your scalp through various methods depending on your preference and the type of wig selected. In most cases, a full lace wig can be attached using glue or tape. But there some wig that require no glue at all. If you are looking to get it professionally applied, you can visit the Hair Salon Find site to locate a wig application specialist in your area.

How to Make Lace-Front Wigs for Black Women

Making lace front wigs for black women has extended from medical and entertainment purposes to fashion. Originally, lace-front wigs were made for victims of cancer, who had lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy, and for professionals in the theater and movie industries. They have however become more fashionable and trendy in recent times because of their natural appearance. They can be fashioned into various styles, sizes, and lengths. Lace-front wigs have been used by many top black female celebrities, but are now available to everyone who suffers from hair loss or who just wants to have a new look. You can make a lace-front wig by hand using French or Swiss lace, both of which are lightweight and very popular.


Part your natural hair, and make cornrows going straight back. This will enable you to measure the head properly and create the right-size lace front wig.

Take a measurement from the front of the forehead toward the top of the head about four inches, and from ear to ear across the top of the head.


Create a pattern, covering the whole head with cellophane and twisting it by both ears to keep it in place.

Draw lines around the perimeter of your head with a grease pencil or permanent marker. Trace around the hairline from the back of the ear toward the front of the head to behind the other ear. Measure the drawing to make sure it corresponds with your hand-drawn measurements.

Put tape across the cellophane from the front of the head to the back, and from ear to ear, so that the pieces of tape overlap one another. Repeat this process four times to create a pattern with your cellophane in place.

Trace out your previous drawings on the tape with the grease pencil or permanent marker to enable you cut appropriately. Remove your pattern, and cut to size around the drawing.

Place your pattern on a wig block to block it, adding a little stuffing inside of it to prevent it from caving in and keeping it down with straight pins.

Place your lace around the blocked pattern and cut to size, leaving an excess of two to three inches for trimming at the end of the job. Block the lace onto the pattern starting from the front. Use your finger to gently place the lace around the back, pinning at the center. Fold the excess lace at the back and pin in place, using about three pins on the fold.

Comb your wig hair with a brush or wig hackle (a metal plate with rows of pointed needles used to blend or straighten hair) to keep it from tangling.

Place the hair on a drawing board (a two-piece rectangle of leather inserted with short wires used in weaving or knotting hair) to keep it in place. Leave the tips of the hair out for pulling during ventilation.

Pinch a small portion of hair and fold into a loop with your two front fingers. Push the ventilating needle (a needle that curves like fish hook) through the lace, and slide the looped hair one strand at a time into the needle. Pull the hair with the needle back through the lace and tie into place once you have enough hair. This process is called ventilating. It is like rug hooking.

Ventilate the front hairline one strand at a time to ensure the quality of your lace-front wig. Take the lace-front wig off of the wig block and trim the excess lace from the front hairline.

Measure the head with the lace-front wig on, and mark the place where it reaches the top of the head. Sew a weave with the needle, using black crochet thread at the back of the head.

Rub the 99-percent isopropyl alcohol on your head in front of your hairline, and apply scalp protector. Apply Mity Tite glue to place the lace-front wig on the head, following the front hairline, and press it down for about five seconds. Comb the wigs into your desired style.

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The difference of machine made wigs and hand-tied wigs?

According to wigs manufacturing process distinction, the wig is divided to two kinds: one is machine made, the other one is hand-tied (hand-tied wigs), the two kinds of materials used for chemical fibers and human hair, the fibers is in the PVC, PET material, and can be distinguished according to the flame retardant added flame retardant wire and not flame retardant wire. Human hair wigs can be divided to: hair piece accessories (ACCESSORY, or HARDWARE) (hair piece, toupee), caps (wig, lace wig, full lacewig front lace wig) hair (hair extension) according the usage method. Domestic sales are generally called the manual human hair wigs materials, known as the replacement.

The woven hair replacement principle is not complicated to understand its practice, organizations should first understand the hair replacement and hair weaving reissue technical description:

The woven hair replacement hair Crochet in a special on the “bottom” (Foundation). Many dozens of these substrates, the traditional cloth, linen, silk, and medical silicone. Select what kind of material as the base material, a lot of factors to be considered. Contains the different customers alopecia (hair loss level), hope to achieve invisibility (apperance), durability (durability) to make a choice. These materials are very breathable and wicking capabilities, the hair selection of 100% human hair, all carefully selected and requirements with the guests of hair, color and curvature.

Also called weaving hair replacement, as a hair piece, toupee, wig, hair extension.Woven hair, whichever Crochet named. Root Crochet in the end because it is real hair a material, hence the name woven hair; while replacement in its effect and purpose of naming its very beginning, is mainly applied to the hair loss people, namely off how much make up the number hence the name a replacement. Weaving hair replacement (Hair Weaving) is a new method of hair add. Bald, balding, hair thinning or just want to change the hair by weaving hair replacement to solve the problem.
Woven hair replacement technology (custome hair piece) is actually a real hair for hair loss wigs tailored technology. The weave hair replacement position in the hair is not woven into the scalp, so safe, non-hazardous. Woven hair replacement is complete, and then after trimming grooming and hair design, short time can you create a handsome appearance. But, if it is tailored woven hair replacement clients, you need to wait for some time to go after a good product processing line wear and styling.

Tips to style the lace front wig and keep it in shape as well

If you would like to acquire a brand new hairstyle while not causing any harm to your hair, full lace front wigs are often the simplest alternative. the total lace front hair wigs are in vogue nowadays. Not solely the celebrities however also the common women are shopping for these hair wigs to induce new hair styles. These wigs safeguard the hair from adverse climate. you can conjointly defend your hair from heat styling by victimisation these hair wigs. However, it’s of the utmost necessity to stay in mind that juts like your hair, the complete lace front wig is additionally purported to maintained with immense care and thought. an honest lace wig, if properly examined, can stumble upon as no completely different from your own hair or the human hair wigs; this is often because the fabric used to make these wigs is treated and processed so as to form them as similar to the $64000 issue as doable.

As a result of the treatment, the total lace front wig acquires several of the properties of real human hair. So, it’s of the utmost importance that you simply take as much care of the wig as you would of your own hair. 1st of all, keep in mind that rough handling is completely out of the question. proper cleansing of the postiche is very important, however you just should follow the instructions that are sometimes given to the purchasers upon the purchase of the full lace front wigs. in fact, if you are not given a set of directions relating a way to handle the wig properly, then raise one; if even then you are not provided with a similar, it’s time to seem for another store which will hand out a ‘how to use’ guide. Moreover, keep in mind that no matter whichever quite wig you are using, too much of washing and blow drying is probably going to own an adverse impact on a similar, which remains true though you’re using the mildest shampoo on it.

Do detain mind that too much of styling the total lace front wig will cause irreparable damage; so, it’s best that you keep the styling to a clean minimum. Of course, that is not to suggest that you cannot experiment on the wig in any respect and continue the one hairdo; all you have to try to to is watch out and strike a balance. it is general knowledge that hairstyles that require terribly tight attachment and gold braid leads to a weakening of the roots, thus inflicting the hair to fall off. an equivalent applies to the full lace front wigs moreover. So, you should avoid such styles of hairdos the maximum amount as attainable.

Besides creating concerns about the clipping and cropping, it’s additionally necessary to travel easy on the colouring and renovation half. Like your own hair, the complete lace front wig is probably going to suffer damages if there is an excessive amount of of colouring and bleaching done on that. a similar applies in the case of different styling ways like curling and straightening further. Just like the hair on your headComputer Technology Articles, the full lace front wigs are also not likely to hold fort for much long under a blitzkrieg of chemicals and heat.

Lace front wigs for black women

Lace front wigs for black women are commonly speedily to turn into staple portion of the new to girl’s closet, providing tyrannies employing probably minimum financial constraints the key rewards of wise hairlines and also pure girly hunting curly hair.

When you find by yourself Durante femme, no matter whether your present target should be to merge too as keep from your audience, a brand new horribly installing also as impracticable hunting girl’s hairpiece could permit you to along. Horribly built as well as manufactured curly hair bits constructed with very affordable foods fiber are easily identified for being wigs consequently what precisely transvestite youthful lady to carry out when all you may need is great for someone to go together with your current wonderful, pure hair do?

Your give-away can often be unquestionably not your hair do, although the hairline. To consider a appear sensible, a new hairpiece has got to in form neatly, without the need of obtaining crystal clear “join” in between personal skin colour plus the wig- plus the reply is. a brand new lace the front as well as lace hat hairpiece.

What on earth is? A fresh lace the front Hairpiece?

A new lace the front hairpiece carries a fine, okay wedding ceremony ring in tough, fundamental shaded lace seed during the front within the hairpiece, resting with the your forehead by means of headsets for you personally to headsets.

Your lace could be trimmed using the person sporting to check out your pure hairline. This supplies a fresh “blending” place relating to the hairpiece food fiber plus the skin colour. Your transparency inside the lace, likewise as newborn knot in curly hair sewed from the lace, re-creates making use of amazingly realistic seem, a new effortlessly developing hairline.

Your enroll in turns into almost non-detectable even though employing ending influence that should folks will certainly fight to spot you take place to be donning a brand new hairpiece all of that will suppose that this curly hair can be your individual!

Lace front wigs for black women present Tv SET as well as TS youthful women your assurance to suit your needs to don your latest hairpiece out-of-doors, perhaps during blustery conditions.

Virtually all produced wigs get a single specific preset trend (produced by stitches your food fiber upon your hairpiece hat within a really assortment framework). Though this may perhaps be a enormous plus level, preserving power the should style flowing hair, Lace front wigs for black women offer you the included advantage for acquiring the capacity to don your hairpiece off on the deal with as well as component your curly hair though true curly hair.

Our Hot wholesale of Indian Remy Lace Front Wigs

You will see a lot of information regarding lace front wigs for wholesale throughout the internet, there are many different types of lace front wig hair, such as Chinese Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Mongolian Hair, Malaysian Hair and so on. In order to carry out Lace front wig wholesaling, suppliers firstly need to make sure the hair material is good quality and is full of body. One of the things that keep coming up time and time again is the Indian Remy hair. This is the most common type of hair that is used to make Indian Remy Lace front wigs.

Although most of the lace front wig wholesales are supplying Indian Remy lace front wigs, but many people have no idea what this stands for in the hair industry. Remy hair is also known by other names, such as cuticle hair, cut hair or virgin hair. This hair is in its most natural state, and hasn’t been put through any kinds of chemical processing. What makes it particularly special is that Remy hair is from a single donor and kept together in one piece.

This is why the hair is so desirable; it maintains the same texture, consistency, color, highlights and length. The hair is called virgin hair because the cuticles are completely intact and they face the same direction, which helps control problems such as tangling and matting, and is the main reason why you can style Remy hair in any way.

Let’s make up our beautiful hair with the Indian Remy Lace front wigs

If you are very curious to understand how to apply the Indian Remy lace front wigs using a liquid adhesive, just read ahead and understand the steps involved.

When you are using liquid glue, be sure to buy one that is specially designed for this purpose. Try to make use of the glue that comes with your purchase of Indian Remy lace front wigs. Make sure that you don’t apply too much glue.

1. First, fasten the front portion of the wig at the back so that you don’t have to apply glue to fasten the wig on your forehead. Ensure that you keep your real hair getting tangled up with the glue.

2. It’s at your discretion to remove the wither baby hair of your Indian Remy lace front wigs or have it as such, i.e. leaving it as it is.

3. Now apply pressure and fix the Indian Remy Lace front wigs on your head at the same point where you applied the glue.

4. Going to the next point, Apply a thin layer of glue and press firmly so that the wig gets fixed firmly on your head.

5. Repeat this process from edge to edge on your head until it’s complete.

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Human Hair Lace Wigs ar common round the World

Britain was the third largest emptor of lace front wigs worldwide behind the us and China within the amount, same Alibaba.com,, the sole listed unit of China’s Alibaba cluster.

Over half the searches were for Brazilian hair, and twenty nine % for Indian hair, that has been used for many years within the production of wigs, consistent with one Indian human hair export web site.

The recession bent some demand, she noted, however this has been offset lace wigs by an increase in older girls seeking younger trying hair through the utilization of hair extensions, she added.

Natural Glamour

Hair – or the dearth of hair – is additionally a giant issue for male celebrities. European nation and Manchester United participant Wayne Rooney recently denote a photograph of himself for followers on social networking web site Twitter once undergoing a hair transplant operation.

The trend of ethically sourced beauty merchandise is additionally on the increase, that has nearly 1,000,000 users in Britain, and has noted a huge demand globally for eco-packaging.

“We’ve worked terribly exhausting to supply ethically harvested real hair. there’s a giant spiritual reason in Asian country for individuals to urge obviate their hair, they (have it cut off) and provides it to the monks ANd currently it has been given off as an economic resource for the country.”

A spokeswomen at Reading-based Bonita Hair, that offers coaching courses in hair extensions and sells lace front wigs wholesale via its web site, same that they had detected AN dealings in individuals attending their courses since the top of last year.

“This year has plenty busier… we’re coaching plenty of ladies as a result of plenty of them have their own salons and that they have such a big amount of folks that fire extensions and they are displeased spoken language no,” she said.

The rise in quality of extensions is additionally pushing up the wholesale value of lace wigs.

“In the last ten years, it’s tripled, doubled and tripled once more,” same Ellery, with human hair commutation artificial hair in terms of recognition, as girls get a lot of natural trying hair.

So natural, that the majority celebrities square measure currently reluctant to admit their hair enhancements.

“Celebrities are getting more and more keep regarding what they are doing to stay themselves exciting,” same Ellery. “They’re going a lot of quiet regarding their additives,” she further.

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