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The fusion hair extension and hot fusion hair extension

There area unit many alternative sorts of hair extension for girls, and also the pre secured hair extension become additional and additional fashionable currently, there 2 ways for the pre secured hair extension, hot fusion hair and fusion hair, each is extremely smart. you’ll be able to check their distinction below and build your call.

Hot fusion hair extensions last anyplace from two-4 months and take concerning 2 hours to put in. With hot fusion hair extensions you’ll be able to do a spread of hair designs together with updos and styling your hair down.

Hot fusion could be a strand methodology connected at the albuminoid based mostly tips with a element. Hot fusion hair extensions are referred to as albuminoid hair extensions and tip hair extensions. they’re applied to your natural hair in little ‘bundles’ with a heated albuminoid adhesive. Since your hair is already made from ninetieth albuminoid (a supermolecule compound,) this methodology is truly additional mild on hair than regular glue is.

Cold fusion hair extensions were created to be a delicate various than albuminoid hot fusion hair extensions. fusion hair extensions doesn’t use heat to use the hair extensions to your hair. this can be a no heat hair extensions methodology that bonds hair via a extremist sound device. it’s a additional updated extensions methodology that was created to be plenty gentler on your natural hair than hot fusion.

Cold fusion is additionally referred to as small link, or i-tip. it’s another strand methodology that’s applied by weaving little sections of hair through a small link tube. to put in you employ weaving tools and pliers to weave the tiny sections of hair.

No glue, no tape, I-tip extensions area unit excellent for girls WHO need to be healthy and natural. You see, the instrumentality price is low, even within the on-line store you’ll be able to get these tools in an exceedingly lower cost once you purchase hair extensions there.

In summary, each fusion ways may end up in an exceedingly sleek finished look that’s innocent of any bumps that area unit inherent within the sew-in methodology of attaching extensions. mistreatment the small clamps within the fusion methodology might facilitate to form a praise look and feel than that of the Regular or Hot Fusion however which will be within the eyes of the somebody.