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Different Kinds of Hair Colors

Hair colors, a class of phenomena characterized by pigmentation, have darker or lighter colors. Despite that the melanin in the follicle can change as the time goes by, hair color is related to ethnic group, skin tone and eye color. The natural hair color includes black, brown, blond, red etc.

Black is the darkest and most common hair color.

It has different textures including straight, curly, wavy, soft, and coarse. The rufous, soft and blue blacks are several common black hair colors. People often use jet black or raven black to describe the black hair

. Jet black/raven black

Jet black/raven black

Brown color is another most common hair color.

People who have brown color are called brunette for women and brunet for men. The following are some tones for brown color.

Deepest brunette – The darkest brown, appears to be off black at a distance.
Dark brown
Milk chocolate brown
Chestnut Brown – Dark brown with a visible wine auburn highlight.
Light chestnut brown – medium to dark brown with very subtle chestnut tones.,
Medium brown
Medium (golden) brown
Light golden brown
Light auburn brown
Light golden reddish brown – A warm light brown with red tones.
Light ash brown
Lightest brown

Deepest brown

Deepest brown

ark brown

ark brown
Golden color is also called as fair hair, towhead, tow head, or toehead.

The man with golden hair is called as blond while woman called blonde. Golden hair can be detailed classified in the following category.
Blond/flaxen – when distinguished from other varieties, “blond” by itself refers to a light but not whitish blond with no traces of red, gold, or brown. This color is often described as “flaxen”.
Yellow – yellow-blond (“yellow” can also be used to refer to hair which has been dyed yellow).
Platinum blond or towheaded – whitish-blond; found naturally almost exclusively in children. “Platinum blond” is often used to describe dyed hair. While “towheaded” is generally left to natural hair color.
Sandy blond – greyish-brownish blond.
Golden blond – rich, golden blond.
Strawberry blond or Venetian blond – light reddish blond.
Dirty blond or dishwater blond – light blond and sandy blond mixed together in stripes (occurs naturally)
Ash-blond – pale or grayish blond.
Bleached blond or peroxide blond – artificial blond slightly less white than platinum blond.

Ash blond

Ash blond

Platinum blond

Platinum blond

Flaxen blond

Flaxen blond

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Hair Colors We Absolutely Love

Burgundy Beauty

This rich red is really deep and has a bit of a copper undertone to it that really pops when it catches the light. The burgundy tone is absolutely gorgeous!

Burgundy Wither Hair Colors

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

This rich burgundy is great for medium skin tones. All hair types can achieve this hair color.


For a lower maintenance look, opt for a color that is at or around the same level as your natural hair color so that you won’t have as much of a noticeable line as your hair grows out.

Holiday Ombre

These cute chestnut colored curls have a sweet surprise! The tips are lightened and then dipped in a deep berry color. What a fun and fresh way to sport an ombre hairstyle.

Holiday Ombre Winter Hair Color


Holiday Ombre Back View with Curls

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Medium to dark skin tones can wear this hue best. Virgin hair would work great to start. Sport your natural color (virgin hair) and just color the tips.


Consider trying out hair chalk to achieve the red tips instead of bleaching and dying for a safer, more temporary result.

Copper Cutie

This glamorous color could be considered a dark strawberry blonde. The explosion of copper is toned out with a little bit of a brown undertone. The brown keeps it nice and natural looking and not clownish.

Copper Cutie Long Look

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair skin tones can rock this color best. Hair types that are on the lighter side naturally are easy to tone down to this color.


Always have your roots slightly deeper than the rest of your hair color for a more natural result. Hot roots are not cute!

Cinnamon and Spice

This sweet strawberry blonde is a great idea for blondes this winter. Simply have your colorist deposit some rich copper tones to highlighted strands for a totally glamorous look. Coloring over your highlights will result in some breathtaking dimension!

Cinnamon and Spice Winter Hair Colors

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair skin tones on pre-lightened hair work best for this winter hair color look.


Keep up with your look or let the copper gloss fade out on it’s own and start highlighting it blonde again when summer comes around.

Dark Cherry

Winter is a great time to go a shade or two darker with your hair color. Here a dark/medium level brown is taken down even more to a dark chocolate brown shade. The ends are colored a deep dark burgundy and make the curls look like a cherry sundae. Yum!
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