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Celebrity Haircuts and Bangs

Michelle Obama’s new haircut was the bang heard around the world. We love the way her fringe falls at eyelash level and extends past her cheekbones for a modern yet polished effect. Plus, the rounded sides open up her face and flatter her gorge smile.

The ladies of Destiny’s Child (fingers crossed a reunion will happen!) have come a long way with their beauty looks, and we can’t help but stop and stare at Kelly Rowland’s mile-long locks. Add instant oomph to Rapunzel-like hair with thick fringe that stops right before your cheekbones. “A style like this looks great on those with oblong faces, as it covers a lot of the length of the face to balance it out.

For a sexy cut like Helena Christensen’s, ask for bangs that hit just above the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces at the sides to round out a square face shape. “Bangs that start a little bit shorter like this one give clients an extra week or so before having to trim them again.

Whether you already have a natural wave to your hair or you want to style it like Kimberly Caldwell’s, side-swept bangs look fun and edgy with lots of layers and cool piece-iness. It’s also a great “in-between” look when you’re transitioning between cuts. “To accessorize your look between trims, try hair barrettes and colored bobby pins to accent your bangs, pull them to one side, or part hair down the middle.

Sparse air feeling bangs season’s most IN

Xiao Bian recently heard in the barber shop is more than a girl right stylist that you want to cut a Korean girls as thin, slightly involute, vaguely able to see the facial features of the fringe. These types of bangs girls mouth is the legendary gentle send air feeling bangs! South Korean actress was brought up these stocks gentle wind, inadvertently, the list will take a long time heavy bangs Qi Liu kicked out of the inning!

hair bangs

Within this volume with a slight effect is not hot out, but with a hairdryer and styling products blown out. There is no clear dividing line between the air feeling bangs hair naturally free, fully reflects the fresh and sweet Korean girls “naked” dress style.

xiu ying

Filled with a sense of air not only for pure sparse bangs girls show sexy charm can also be charming temperament. Slight curl handle to look less bangs richer Smart character, visual effects serve to increase the amount of fat.

Song Hye Kyo

Filled with a sense of lightness within the buckle Qi Liu with sparse bangs can see the effect of thin delicate facial features. Show a range of elegant and fresh with aristocratic temperament.


Qi Liu and the lovely carved hair, based on the bangs thinned into a refreshing sense of the full internal volume bangs, naturally drawn to and slightly sparse details of the deal reached significant repair Yan jianling tender results, showing young girls next door like fresh sweet feeling. View More: Hair Bangs