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Keri Russell: Secret Celebrity Makeup Artist

I’ve got a hot Hollywood discovery for you girls: Keri Russell may be the star of The Americans and a busy mom by day, but by night she’s a top secret celebrity makeup artist!

Liz McClean, Lucky magazine stylist and budding fashion designer, held a fashion show to display pieces from her clothing line. Guess who was caught doing the models’ makeup? That’s right: Liz’s friend Keri Russell brought along her own makeup bag and went to work.

“I didn’t do too much – it was about keeping the focus on Liz’s clothes,” Keri explains. “A litle mineral powder to smooth out skin, mascara, and lip gloss, and that was it!”

Excuses, excuses… Keri’s trying to play it off, but I think she took a cue from her role as Ethan Hunt’s girlfriend in Mission: Impossible and is something of a beauty secret agent herself. Go ahead – prove me wrong!



When talking about Michelle Obama, the 44th first lady and wife of President Barack Obama, there is a lot we should explore. For most fashion women, they may still be impressed by her classic hairstyles.

Michelle Obama

Since Michelle Obama became the latest First Lady of the United States, she immediately gained the fashion community’s vote for her all-American style. We’ve always thought Michelle Obama had the elegance and grace of a model, and she is definitely a style icon, not only with clothes but also with hairstyles. She’s a great role model for women. As her new life begins, her trends with hair and fashion will be in the constant media spotlight. We love seeing her romantic looks and stylist taste for classic fashion.

Michelle Obama has been in the White House for many years—and while the rest of the world has been lusting after her impeccable sense of style, the beauty editors among us have been marveling at her incredible range of hairstyles. Who’s responsible for those tresses? Johnny Wright, the First Lady’s exclusive hairstylist and artistic style director for Soft Sheen-Carson. Not surprisingly, the Chicago native is similarly fashion-minded. “The hair is just like any other accessory,” he told us. “You’ve really got to make it go with what you’re wearing.” We dished with Wright and got tips for pulling off styles that are downright presidential.

Wigs for women

Many women wear wigs or hair extensions these days than ever before. Perhaps it is because many celebrities have recently admitted in its latest appearance using wigs . Quality wigs for women has greatly improved over the years so that now even have real hair wigs . But why would you want to wear it?

Most people probably think of wearing a wig with a masquerade , for example around Halloween time you will attend , but not every woman feels the same for wigs .

Some women see them , just as they do fashion accessories such as earrings , bracelets or chains . For each equipped with a woman wearing her use of the different parts , and in many cases , there are wigs for women , with different clothes and go .

Some women like the idea that they can change their hair color, though only temporarily , through the use of wigs . Have you ever wondered how you would look as a blonde , if you are a dark or black hair ? How, or vice versa ?

In some cases, it may be a woman ‘s hair might be thinning, she would wear a wig , her hair is more comprehensive than it looks. How to have a great impact on self-esteem of a human hair wig can enhance the appearance and here to give a person a greater self-confidence.

We can certainly understand that a woman loses her hair , wearing a wig to health or disease , which is most of us think that when we think of people to buy a wig .

These are just some of the main reasons women choose to wear wigs so they are not only used for costume parties . In many cases , they help to improve women’s self

Celebrity Hair of 2013

We know that it is never wise to look back, but a little inspiration never hurt anyone! Here are 15 of our favorite celebrity hairstyles from 2013, and with our expert tips, you can rock them all in 2014.

Amy Adams is always gorgeous rock buns, but we particularly like the elegant aura bun. To achieve the look, spray a light hairspray to keep the toothbrush to brush off those pesky migratory routes.

Bob styling can be tricky, but it landed on this side of the snow carefully swept wavy bob. Held in place, just below the ears, along the bottom of the French braid the hairline, then pin into place beneath the waves.

There was nothing but uproar the day America’s most likeable movie star lopped off her locks. Now that she’s getting used to the look, so are we. To achieve the tousled pixie, try using a small amount of Sebastian Molding Mud.

The topknot is a favorite of the fashion industry, and no one does it better than J.Lo. How do you get such a smooth finish? To rid of bumps, take the pointy bottom of a comb, place underneath the top layer of hair and pull up towards bun.

Jessica Alba stunned on the Golden Globes red carpet with these Old Hollywood waves. To get her soft waves, be sure to let the curls cool before releasing them and brushing them out.

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Women and hair loss: possible causes

The way hair grows, his best bet is a picture of a garden. How and what it is happening results is the growth of “underground”.


“It’s like a garden, and a normal hair cycle should result in a product, this is hair,” Wendi·luoboci, MD, a dermatologist in private practice at the Rancho Mirage said, California “growth cycles are very important, because when they go wrong, that we have one of the causes of hair loss.


Periodic interference-like drug, disease, infection, or chemical-possibility to stop hair form a correct.


“This is a very dynamic place, as well as any can get the closed loop can cause hair loss,” Roberts said.


Although hair loss may seem like a more prominent issue, women are almost as easy to lose or has sparse hair. Most women are aware of it at the age of 50 or 60 years old, but it can occur at any age and for various reasons.

Celebrity Haircuts and Bangs

Michelle Obama’s new haircut was the bang heard around the world. We love the way her fringe falls at eyelash level and extends past her cheekbones for a modern yet polished effect. Plus, the rounded sides open up her face and flatter her gorge smile.

The ladies of Destiny’s Child (fingers crossed a reunion will happen!) have come a long way with their beauty looks, and we can’t help but stop and stare at Kelly Rowland’s mile-long locks. Add instant oomph to Rapunzel-like hair with thick fringe that stops right before your cheekbones. “A style like this looks great on those with oblong faces, as it covers a lot of the length of the face to balance it out.

For a sexy cut like Helena Christensen’s, ask for bangs that hit just above the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces at the sides to round out a square face shape. “Bangs that start a little bit shorter like this one give clients an extra week or so before having to trim them again.

Whether you already have a natural wave to your hair or you want to style it like Kimberly Caldwell’s, side-swept bangs look fun and edgy with lots of layers and cool piece-iness. It’s also a great “in-between” look when you’re transitioning between cuts. “To accessorize your look between trims, try hair barrettes and colored bobby pins to accent your bangs, pull them to one side, or part hair down the middle.

Glueless full lace wigs and glueless lace wigs

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Celebrity Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

For people who don’t seem to be too young to recollect (or people who don’t seem to be in denial regarding living through one amongst the foremost notable eras in music history), the Beatles not solely brought their own complete of music to the globe, they conjointly impressed a hairstyle that had stylists everywhere the world clipping tresses per the mop high haircut sported by the boys from urban center.

The Women World Health Organization Started a Trend

World known hairstylists, a number of whom are celebrities in their claim, don’t all provide an equivalent answers once asked regarding the foremost requested celebrity hairstyles from purchasers. however these 3 ladies perpetually seem somewhere on their list.

The definitive hair icon of the 90′s is Jennifer Aniston; a lot of specifically, the character she contend within the TV series, Friends. “The Rachel” may be a absolutely superimposed bob barely resting on the shoulders and punctiliously contoured to border and praise the face. It remains one amongst the foremost requested celebrity hairstyles of all time.

The perennial sweetheart and mainstay of the romantic comedy genre impressed another ofttimes requested celebrity hairstyle. large integer Ryan’s short, stormy shag remains in style, particularly during this epoch once ladies have evolved to become champion multi-taskers. A breeze to worry for and receptive being titled up or just finger-dried as you head out the door, it’s a method that resonates with the lives of busy ladies everyplace.

It is not possible to speak of painting hairstyles while not mentioning the angel that impressed a generation of girls to layer, frost and blow dry their hair to an in. of wispy perfection. Most salons of that era displayed the poster of Farrah Fawcett in an exceedingly red shirt caught in an exceedingly casual cause trying straight at the camera, head tossed slightly back together with her world-famous tresses framing her delicate face and ideal smile.

Celebrity Hairstyles of nowadays

With the arrival of reasonable hair extensions and wigs made up of natural hair, it’s changing into easier for girls to easily get the celebrity hairstyle they need, while not subjecting their own hair to a stylist’s clipping shears. Fans will have the hairstyle of their idols any time they desire it, or go to ensuing celebrity as quickly as trends or their budgets enable.

It’s tough to peg Nicki Minaj’s real persona beneath the various wigs she wears, however maybe that’s a part of her huge attractiveness. She keeps her followers estimate. She is that the final chameleon of the hairstyling world. In 2012, Draya, another daring style-setter, has been sporting a stylish bob cut paying homage to Victoria Beckham’s “Pob” (named once fashionable Spice, Victoria’s one-time Spice lady persona).

Gone are the days once hairstylists were shown a photograph of a notable celebrity, followed by a fast nonetheless hopeful, “I wish you to create Pine Tree State appear as if that!” currently, all a girl must do is move to a respected hair extension salon and kindle their latest Minaj or Ciara hair piece and are available home trying (and strutting) like their idol. however simple is that?

Wigs for summer and summer hairstyles at 2013


How many of you are thinking about staying fabulous and cool while wearing a wig? We know most wigs are too hot to wear for summer, so what are your solutions to beat this summer heat without stay away from wigs? None? Come to Uniwigs for ideas then!

Remember this: Wearing wigs in the summer don’t have to be a burden if you choose the right wigs. Uniwigs exclusive summer page displays our best lightweight wigs and capless wigs – all prove to be winning styles. You will look and feel cooler with these elaborately chosen ventilated synthetic wigs which are constructed to be similar to natural hair and lightweight for your comfort.


Summer 2013 is upon us, and no doubt many of you and your clients are looking for a new summer hair color or summer hair style to try out!As experts in the salon industry, we are expected to continually give new hairstyle suggestions. And with that being said, we’ve compiled what we see as the most popular summer 2013 hair trends to come – enjoy!

Summer hair styles should reflect the laid-back nature of summer, while taking into consideration the hair will be constantly fighting the elements of summer: wind, humidity, water, and heat. You know what they say, if you can’t bea them, join them. Embrace summer as a time for clients to wear their hair wavy and curly. Related:organic

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The Essential Ingredient to every one in every of Beyonce’s superb styles

Beyonce is mammoth. She’s a shocking world champion, normally reaches the tiptop of the charts with new songs, and has accomplished a solo flight once her Destiny’s child success that is the model of anyone attempting to travel it alone. She’s additionally splendidly gorgeous, and an icon of fashion. till this time, she’s been greatly flexible in what she will wear once talking concerning her clothes and hairstyles — from vintage 60s looks right to the freshest in fashionable chic.

One vast part of everything is admittedly Beyonce’s Fashion

No trick has been made concerning Beyonce’s talent in amendment back and forth throughout varied fashion movements–actually, she free a piece of music that was split into 2: her `Sasha Fierce’ left-brain includes a clearly modified voice from the conventional `Beyonce Knowles’ we ar wont to. It’s powerful to switch from one vogue to a different one totally to her current fascinations, you might be pondering however she sports such a big amount of spectacularly branching hairstyles.

Yep: A Not-So-Hidden Secret That Beyonce Knowles Sports Wigs.

The fact is, there isn’t any method a majority quantity of what you see is Beyonce’s actual head of hair. Not solely will the shorter actual hair of hers not get styled into the range of designs she unremarkably goes through, however nobody’s organic hair can arise thereto many drastic stylings while not taking some real problems.

So what ought to a worldwide common star to do? Wear african american wigs, for one factor. however here could be a real thing: the wigs do not look dangerous, nor ar they too discernible. It’s as a result of it’s not possible for her to move between those styles, that she uses african american wigs. And we’ve noted: the african american wigs look damn smart.

She’s just Reaching Back to a protracted History.

Next to that, Beyonce is simply hearkening back to a good tradition of singers golf shot on african american wigs. Granted, there are a number of like Cher, UN agency have endlessly been flamboyant and connected with differing levels of deception, however there have existed several predecessors of Beyonce–like Diana Ross, for example–who have helped make wig-wearing an acceptable and crucial part of the history of music.

Any variety of Hangups That Were Once joined to Wigs are no more.

Wigs aren’t a giant issue anymore. Any type of shame that lingered regarding sporting them has extremely just disappeared. Before, there existed a wierd reference to wigs and sickness, and after all a decent wig remains greatly helpful for anyone facing the pains of chemo.

But wigs have affected past this slight taboo, despite still being employed for medical aid. because of the super-connected nature of contemporary style, any variety of `look’ is instantly possible. The quick dissemination of themes has conjointly meant that pastiche or mixing-and-matching has become way more widespread. Wigs are simply an extra tool that enable the wide new rainbow of styles.