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4 Stunning Celebrities Short Hairstyles For Your Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, do you need some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day hairstyle? Check this out!
5-1Solange looks like an ethereal goddess with her curly afro. Add some fluidity and shape to your curls by cutting them in a short, face-framing style like this.
5-2Want shorter hair that falls into the medium-length category? Take actress Jamie Chung’s shoulder-grazing lob for example. Dip-dyed ends work really well with this style.
5-3We pride ourselves on being able to keep up with Kim Kardashian West’s ever-changing hairstyles. She recently revisited platinum with this sleek, blunt bob and it’s pretty amazing.
5-4Ciara took her layered lob to the next level with this honey-blonde hair color that pops so gorgeously against her skin tone.
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The Perfect Hair Colors For Olive Skin

It’s 2018, do you need some inspiration for your new hair color? Check this out! We are going to show you the best hair colors for olive skin.
 Colorist Rita Hazan recommends honey tones for olive skin because honey is neutral. “So if you want to go lighter, this color is a great balance,” says Hazan.
 “Olive complexions should avoid ash tones, as the cool tones of the skin paired with cool hair can look very flat and dull and washed-out,” says colorist George Papanikolas, who colors Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Adriana Lima’s hair.
 Hauck agrees, saying, “Caramel highlights will always be a safe zone for people with olive skin. It’s always sexy and always complements light or dark eyes.”
 According to Papanikolas, caramel tones are extremely flattering on olive skin. “Caramel in a warmer tone is a beautiful way to illuminate an olive complexion,” he says, “Caramels have golden undertones, which balance out the green tones of the skin, creating a beautiful sun-kissed end result.”
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How To Choose The Right Wig Based On Your Face Shape

As many of you know, wigs are great and affordable ways to enhance your look or hide hair loss. If it’s your first time considering buying a wig, there’s an important thing you should keep in mind is the the shape of your face, follow below tips, you will be able to select the perfect wig.
Oblong face shapes are characterized by having a very long, narrow bone structure. By choosing the right style hair, you can create the illusion of more oval face shape. Add the appearance of width and fullness at the sides by choosing a human hair wig with soft curls and waves. A fringe or half bang across the forehead as this will help shorten the appearance of your face.
People with heart shaped faces have a narrow chin and a wide forehead. Disguise the width of the forehead by adding volume at the chin and bring some hair onto the forehead. The most flattering style for a heart shaped face is a pageboy as well as lace wigs with subtle layers. Avoid short hair and choppy layers.
Square face shapes have a wide hairline and a wide jaw. Wigs that create the illusion of facial length are well suited to your face shape. Try a curly wig that is mid-length or longer.
So do you know which wig should wear depend on your face shape? There are all kinds of wigs on, don’t hesitate to find the one perfect for you.

The Best Wigs Worn by Celebrities in 2017

Nowadays, wigs can be worn as a fashion statement, check out these best wigs as flaunted by celebrities in 2017. It might just give you some creative inspiration for your next hairstyle!
 Salma Hayek looked like a woodland fairy at the Cannes Film Festival. Always one to experiment with her look, the 50-year-old actress decided to switch up her look with soft pastel pink wig which perfectly matched the flowers on her Gucci dress.
2-2Lily Collins turned up at the 2017 Met Gala in a dark, gorgeous wig which make her unrecognizable. Quite the opposite from her lithe Snow White character, Lily’s look was on the edgier side, and the daring flattering wig complemented her tattoos.
2-3Another star who arrived at the gala with a new partner was Jennifer Lopez. Her long, flowing hair extensions, while most likely not a full-on wig, were as stunning as expected. Looking like a goddess, Jennifer Lopez paired her show-stopping look with diamonds.
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If You Want A Sky Blue Color Wig

Autumn is officially here, it’s a beautiful time of the year as there are many different colors on all of the trees at one time. So do you like it? Do you want to change your hair color to match this colorful season?
If you want to change the hair color without damaging your natural hair, UniWigs human hair lace wigs are designed just for you. And today I want to share a beautiful color wig for you – Cerulean Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig.

In 2017, we combine the fresh color with style, we’re re-inventing the long-bob and introducing it with precious Remy Human Hair, available in the exclusive color-Cerulean. Our designers created this glamorous design on a Hand-Made Full Lace cap that’s been specifically engineered to ensure all-day comfort while promoting natural hair movement. Style, Dye, Shape, Curl and Tease to suit your personal taste.
Our customers love this wig so much, and they look great in this particular color!


Hairstyles for Thin Hair

For those who have thin hair, finding a hairstyle that works can be a bit of a challenge. Bottom line is that, thin hair is hard to get to get to possess a style. Being that not all of us can have thick hair, here are a few hairstyle ideas, but not limited to, for thin hair that do work.
For women who have thin hair, a short, about chin length slice is often the best option. Hairstyles were the bangs slightly cover the face, are a good choice also as well as having your hair effect benefit gradual your ears, or a bit of a curl at the ends. With these styles your hair will appear fuller and bouncy.

SKU:  E62016-H
SKU: E62016-H

Thin long hair is often brittle and can appear unhealthy. For long hair braids work very well, as well as many updo’s. Leaving long thin hair straight can often recognize boring, but pinning some of it back, can create your hair appear thick and full.
Adding layers to naturally curly hair will allow for bounce and appearance of thickness. Be sure the layers are shallow so it does not look awkward. Also an a-line bod cut would observe very nice. If you really want a lot of bounce for your thin hair, you can always try a perm style, with a blunt cut.
For men who have thin hair a very short haircut is probably your best bet. Your hair will look thick even though it is cut short. A good choice would be a short crew cut, buzz cut or a ceaser style.

SKU:  E61022-H
SKU: E61022-H

A midway length haircut would be a wonderful option. Long hairstyles are not the greatest understanding, but they will work. Cease away from gels that hold hair in place and the wet view. All in all, short cuts for thin hair on men, are the way to go.
When choosing a hairstyle ask your stylist what they consider would be best, as thin hair is often hard to style even for a professional. You want a hairstyle that fits the shape of your face, and complements you.
To keep your thin hair healthy, wash out dirt and oils and replenish your hair with vitamins contained in many hair products. Eating a good diet is also important in your hair maintenance. Eating a lot of junk foods and fattening foods can cause hair to become dull and brittle.

Further Reading: hair extensions for thin hair.

Modern Hairstyles That Made the Cut

The Pixie

Strong yet soft, the pixie has always swept me off my feet. The new spin on this model is the disconnection between the shorter sides and the longer top. We no longer want our pixies to lay flat, but to rise to occasion!
Soft Pixie Modern Hairstyle with Long Top

How To Style:

Moving from left to right, wrap dry clean, damp hair with a vent brush.
When hair starts to become dry, begin lifting the crown with the vent brush towards the ceiling.
Apply a small amount of wax all over and direct hair to desired side. Then start piecing out sections to enhance movement.

Recommended Products:

Osmos Shaper is perfect for this soft, textured look.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

Oval face shapes can pull any look off, however they truly are best suited for the modern pixie. Typically medium to fine texture is recommended for this look as well. If you have curly hair, you might want to think about a texture treatment to relax those precious curls before cutting them this short.
The Shattered Bob

The classic bob has so many variations and this one is amazing. Just look at the movement and texture created here. A soft, sweeping fringe really sweetens up this tough, modern classic.
Shattered Bob Modern Hairstyle with Movement and Texture

How To Style:

Start with a working product on clean damp hair.
Wrap dry from left to right with a vent brush.
Use a round brush in vertical sections once hair is dry for more contour towards the face.
Piece out the interior with a wax or pomade to create the shattered effect.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

I feel like any face shape is complemented by this look. The soft lines diffuse any square or heart shaped faces while the fringe fills out any triangular shapes.

Recommended Products:

Osmos Shaper is perfect for this soft, textured look.

The Graduated Bob

Here is another bob variation that redefines one of the classics. The graduated bob shows off so much texture. Accompanied by a trendy swing fringe, this haircut highlights so many focal points that it will compliment just about anyone!
Graduated Bob Hairstyle with Texture

How To Style:

Apply a working product throughout the hair.
Wrap dry hair from left to right with a paddle or vent brush.
If your hair is a rougher texture, then flat iron vertical partings forward.
Apply wax or pomade for separation and shine.

Face Shape & Hair Texture:

The graduated bob is better for triangular and oval face shapes. Unfortunately, for those who have square or heart shaped faces, this cut could widen the jawline. Typically the purpose of a graduated bob is to build weight in the back. For this reason I would suggest this cut for ladies with locks that lean towards the medium to finer side.

Recommended Products:

When your hair is on the finer side of things, I recommend the Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity. It’s not just a volumizer, but a styling lotion as well. The Osmos Shaper is perfect for lightweight separation and shine.


Prom and Wedding Hairstyles in a Snap!

Prom is coming up and you’re ready for the magical night! But wait a second…  Hair style? (Cue deep sigh.) That’s when you remember you still have no idea how to do your prom hair.

Have you been avoiding the whole hairdo concept because of how overwhelmed you feel when you think about it? Your hair may not be as long as you wish it were, it might be too thin and drab for an updo or worse yet, you’re experiencing hair loss. We know how you feel. But believe it or not, it’s still possible to get the look you want. So, stop avoiding the issue cause we’re here to help!

Hair Extensions

You’ll want to let the neckline of your dress be the guide for the hairstyle you choose. Hair extensions are a great way to add a lot of look in a quick and easy way. When we say you can achieve prom hair in a snap, we mean literally!

Cute & Simple

Bellissima braid hairpiece Dancing with the Stars

If you want to wear your hair down, try this thin fishtail headband. The Bellissima braid is perfect for a spaghetti strap dress. This headband instantly transforms your hairstyle into a super trendy look. Braids were seen everywhere at this year’s red carpet!

Tip: Tease the hair at the crown to add a bit of height to your hair.

Bombshell Hair

easiXtend Elite Remy Human Hair hair extensions by easihair

Not only does Gisele Bündchen have a killer body (leg envy) but also her hair is in a constant state of perfection. That long beautiful hair is her signature. Not to mention those effortless curls make her look as if she were constantly shooting near a beach! (Obviously we love to hate this woman.) Want the same look sans the sand and humidity? Try the easiXtend remy human hair extensions, available in both 16 and 20 inches. This 8pc extension system perfectly adds the length and volume you need to mimic the bombshell look. This hairstyle compliments all dress necklines.

Tip: Get the beach waves look by using the Enzo Milano curling iron.

Glam Updo

Stylemaker Hairwrap POP

Updos are the epitome of glamour. But a lot of the times they can look stiff and pageantry. A messy (but chic) updo is the perfect antidote to a dated hairstyle. Simply wrap the Stylemaker hairpiece around your bun and you’re good to go! This hairstyle is particularly perfect for a dress with a high neckline.

Tip: For EXTRA glam add accessories such as a sparkly barrette or a jeweled headband.

Pony Up in Style

The ponytail continues to be all the rage this season! It’s a quick and easy hairstyle that has proven to be just as glamorous as the most intricate of updos. The 23” Wrap Around Pony adds the length you need to be the ‘mane’ beauty of the night. AND this hairpiece is made from heat-friendly synthetic hair so you can add a tighter curl or straighten for a long sleek ponytail. The ponytail is perfect for halter-top necklines, although it will look great with any dress.

Tip: Update the pony look by teasing at the crown to create a ‘bump’.


Wigging Updos

If you suffer from hair loss there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still rock the heck out of the prom with a wig. Wigs can look just as good (in some cases better!) than your own natural hair. You have a TON of options to choose from: short to long, straight to curly, synthetic hair or human hair – you name it! In fact, you could even wear your wig in an updo!

Always by Raquel Welch is the perfect example of how you could wear your wig in a down do! So please don’t let your hair loss get in the way of having a wonderful time at one of the most special nights of your life.


Have a preference for wigs even on that special big day? Come to Uniwigs bridal wigs. Our super stylish and unbelievably natural looking wigs would be your perfect choice for your wedding hair or wedding-party hair needs.


-Create an Instant Elegant Look

If you are looking for a simple, yet classic addition to your existing hair, try a hair piece. Uniwigs Hair pieces with various colors and styles will absolutely be complemented with accents such as sparkly rhinestones or bright, bridal, hair-flower pieces.


-Create an Instant Elegant Look

If you are looking for a simple, yet classic addition to your existing hair, try a hair piece. Uniwigs Hair pieces with various colors and styles will absolutely be complemented with accents such as sparkly rhinestones or bright, bridal, hair-flower pieces.

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Different Kinds of Hair Colors

Hair colors, a class of phenomena characterized by pigmentation, have darker or lighter colors. Despite that the melanin in the follicle can change as the time goes by, hair color is related to ethnic group, skin tone and eye color. The natural hair color includes black, brown, blond, red etc.

Black is the darkest and most common hair color.

It has different textures including straight, curly, wavy, soft, and coarse. The rufous, soft and blue blacks are several common black hair colors. People often use jet black or raven black to describe the black hair

. Jet black/raven black

Jet black/raven black

Brown color is another most common hair color.

People who have brown color are called brunette for women and brunet for men. The following are some tones for brown color.

Deepest brunette – The darkest brown, appears to be off black at a distance.
Dark brown
Milk chocolate brown
Chestnut Brown – Dark brown with a visible wine auburn highlight.
Light chestnut brown – medium to dark brown with very subtle chestnut tones.,
Medium brown
Medium (golden) brown
Light golden brown
Light auburn brown
Light golden reddish brown – A warm light brown with red tones.
Light ash brown
Lightest brown

Deepest brown

Deepest brown

ark brown

ark brown
Golden color is also called as fair hair, towhead, tow head, or toehead.

The man with golden hair is called as blond while woman called blonde. Golden hair can be detailed classified in the following category.
Blond/flaxen – when distinguished from other varieties, “blond” by itself refers to a light but not whitish blond with no traces of red, gold, or brown. This color is often described as “flaxen”.
Yellow – yellow-blond (“yellow” can also be used to refer to hair which has been dyed yellow).
Platinum blond or towheaded – whitish-blond; found naturally almost exclusively in children. “Platinum blond” is often used to describe dyed hair. While “towheaded” is generally left to natural hair color.
Sandy blond – greyish-brownish blond.
Golden blond – rich, golden blond.
Strawberry blond or Venetian blond – light reddish blond.
Dirty blond or dishwater blond – light blond and sandy blond mixed together in stripes (occurs naturally)
Ash-blond – pale or grayish blond.
Bleached blond or peroxide blond – artificial blond slightly less white than platinum blond.

Ash blond

Ash blond

Platinum blond

Platinum blond

Flaxen blond

Flaxen blond

uniwigs on polyvore


Hair Colors We Absolutely Love

Burgundy Beauty

This rich red is really deep and has a bit of a copper undertone to it that really pops when it catches the light. The burgundy tone is absolutely gorgeous!

Burgundy Wither Hair Colors

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

This rich burgundy is great for medium skin tones. All hair types can achieve this hair color.


For a lower maintenance look, opt for a color that is at or around the same level as your natural hair color so that you won’t have as much of a noticeable line as your hair grows out.

Holiday Ombre

These cute chestnut colored curls have a sweet surprise! The tips are lightened and then dipped in a deep berry color. What a fun and fresh way to sport an ombre hairstyle.

Holiday Ombre Winter Hair Color


Holiday Ombre Back View with Curls

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Medium to dark skin tones can wear this hue best. Virgin hair would work great to start. Sport your natural color (virgin hair) and just color the tips.


Consider trying out hair chalk to achieve the red tips instead of bleaching and dying for a safer, more temporary result.

Copper Cutie

This glamorous color could be considered a dark strawberry blonde. The explosion of copper is toned out with a little bit of a brown undertone. The brown keeps it nice and natural looking and not clownish.

Copper Cutie Long Look

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair skin tones can rock this color best. Hair types that are on the lighter side naturally are easy to tone down to this color.


Always have your roots slightly deeper than the rest of your hair color for a more natural result. Hot roots are not cute!

Cinnamon and Spice

This sweet strawberry blonde is a great idea for blondes this winter. Simply have your colorist deposit some rich copper tones to highlighted strands for a totally glamorous look. Coloring over your highlights will result in some breathtaking dimension!

Cinnamon and Spice Winter Hair Colors

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair skin tones on pre-lightened hair work best for this winter hair color look.


Keep up with your look or let the copper gloss fade out on it’s own and start highlighting it blonde again when summer comes around.

Dark Cherry

Winter is a great time to go a shade or two darker with your hair color. Here a dark/medium level brown is taken down even more to a dark chocolate brown shade. The ends are colored a deep dark burgundy and make the curls look like a cherry sundae. Yum!