Head Fashion: to get yourself a unique wig

Wigs, with the new concept of “Head Fashion”, gradually becoming the new favorite in the fashion industry. Wigs were widespread among the fashionable girls of the 80s and 90s. The following women love beauty, creativity and uniqueness. They stand for a simpler way of life and freedom of fashion. Wigs have become a necessity in their daily life. Let’s hear their voice now.


Fashionable accessories with elegant hairstyles

synthetic lace front wig

Tanya, Office Lady, 30 years old


As a Public Relation Manager in one the Fortune Global 500 companies, I frequently attend formal occasions. Elegance and proper appearance is very important to me. With various clothes, shoes, and bags in the closet, I prepare an excellent hairstyle to match each occasion. However, my hairstyle is constantly a problem. Ordinary hairstyles affect the overall look, however, I can’t have the time to go to the salon. It’s very frustrating. But wigs, especially ready-to-wear synthetic wigs with fashionable styles have solved my problems.



Leading fashion trend, Shape changing images

synthetic wig

Niki, Model, 27 years old

I have to change my hairstyle several times thanks to my model career. My hair has been badly damaged after such a long time of blowing, pulling, straightening, curling, perming and dying. When I found out about wigs and hair extensions, I asked my stylist to make the same effect without any damage to my own hair. Fashionable wigs are available everywhere. Not only during work, but also in our daily life too, I enjoy wearing wigs to display my fun side. It’s both unique and attractive.



Costume hairstyles, Live a life of uniqueness

1980's Rock Star Costume Wig

Annie, High School Student, 22 years old

Wearing a bold and colorful wigs, will help you attract more attention. I enjoy these moments the most. However, schools are very strict on their students’ appearance and it is impossible to dye and perm a mainstream hairstyle.

Through the use of wigs, the situation completely changes. Whenever I attend a party or go shopping I just pick up one of these wigs and my appearance is transformed.


A wig is a symbol of fashion, people pay more attention to beauty and fashion particularly with their hairstyles. Wigs bring fun and adventure to your life. Try to use wigs to enrich your life and show the taste of your personality, in this way, you will see far beyond your expectations.

How to make full lace wigs

Once measured the wealth of others wigs. Now days, they are used to help assist the movie industry, as well as cancer patients and others who have lost or would like to change my hair. A full lace wig takes patience and skill. It looks very real type of wigs.
Through the cellophane around her head, twisting ear lobes next to cellophane on measuring customer’s head.

Fiber with the cellophane wrap, layered to create a head cast four times.

Lift the head out of the client, and keep them in a bubble head.

Use a grease pencil to keep track of your prepared actress. Create the hairline on a foam block.

Cut a blue piece of paper, you draw the design of bubble, bubble head pins.

A large piece of polyester cotton lace onto the foam head and cut it just around the contours of the blue paper.

Pin the cotton lace onto the foam head.

Taking a finer lace and from bubbles of the foam head PIN before it at the back of the head. Must get the edge as well.

Take out two colors of synthetic hair. Choose a base color and a color highlight.

Hacking on the base color of the hair.

Hacking will highlight my hair.

By dragging the slashed hair mixed up. Turn to turn the tail of hair to help blend hair.

When it is mixed, take the hair and slashed and cut excess hair. This will ensure that you have the best quality hair wigs.

Leather holding card metal pins on the hair. Interlock tab at the bottom of the top card.

Remove a small amount of hair from the leather holding card small fishing hook needle.

Knot into the lace, like you would with a locking hook rug. Starting in the neck and work your way down to the forehead. This will make the wig look more real.

Hair on your wig, and when you have a hand on the wig.

Fine lines away, so it does not appear to be issued.

Resources: Full Lace Wigs

Modern Hairstyles That Made the Cut

The Pixie

Strong yet soft, the pixie has always swept me off my feet. The new spin on this model is the disconnection between the shorter sides and the longer top. We no longer want our pixies to lay flat, but to rise to occasion!
Soft Pixie Modern Hairstyle with Long Top

How To Style:

Moving from left to right, wrap dry clean, damp hair with a vent brush.
When hair starts to become dry, begin lifting the crown with the vent brush towards the ceiling.
Apply a small amount of wax all over and direct hair to desired side. Then start piecing out sections to enhance movement.

Recommended Products:

Osmos Shaper is perfect for this soft, textured look.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

Oval face shapes can pull any look off, however they truly are best suited for the modern pixie. Typically medium to fine texture is recommended for this look as well. If you have curly hair, you might want to think about a texture treatment to relax those precious curls before cutting them this short.
The Shattered Bob

The classic bob has so many variations and this one is amazing. Just look at the movement and texture created here. A soft, sweeping fringe really sweetens up this tough, modern classic.
Shattered Bob Modern Hairstyle with Movement and Texture

How To Style:

Start with a working product on clean damp hair.
Wrap dry from left to right with a vent brush.
Use a round brush in vertical sections once hair is dry for more contour towards the face.
Piece out the interior with a wax or pomade to create the shattered effect.

Face Shape and Hair Type:

I feel like any face shape is complemented by this look. The soft lines diffuse any square or heart shaped faces while the fringe fills out any triangular shapes.

Recommended Products:

Osmos Shaper is perfect for this soft, textured look.

The Graduated Bob

Here is another bob variation that redefines one of the classics. The graduated bob shows off so much texture. Accompanied by a trendy swing fringe, this haircut highlights so many focal points that it will compliment just about anyone!
Graduated Bob Hairstyle with Texture

How To Style:

Apply a working product throughout the hair.
Wrap dry hair from left to right with a paddle or vent brush.
If your hair is a rougher texture, then flat iron vertical partings forward.
Apply wax or pomade for separation and shine.

Face Shape & Hair Texture:

The graduated bob is better for triangular and oval face shapes. Unfortunately, for those who have square or heart shaped faces, this cut could widen the jawline. Typically the purpose of a graduated bob is to build weight in the back. For this reason I would suggest this cut for ladies with locks that lean towards the medium to finer side.

Recommended Products:

When your hair is on the finer side of things, I recommend the Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity. It’s not just a volumizer, but a styling lotion as well. The Osmos Shaper is perfect for lightweight separation and shine.


Fashion wigs in the hot movies

The film is not only a fashion art, but also a fashion runway, a window for us to peeping the fashion trend. Let’s take stock of those fashion wigs in these hot movies.

Downton Abey

downton abey

(Edith, Mary, Sybil )

For stylist, how to create the fashion hair style that fits the role, eye-catching as important, also hard as the director to make the first-class film. That is how to build the unique wigs.


Take example of the recently hit British drama Downton Abey, each series needs nearly 30 sets wigs, every three days, these wigs must need to be cleaned and finalized design again.


The Downton Abey’s forth series is upcoming, the stylist Magi Vaughan put herself completely in the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1920’s, “in order to know how the people at that time do their hair style, for example the Marcel waves, I’ve studied all the oil paintings, old movies and the books. ” She said, “of course the literature is also a big help. I’ve read the DJ Taylor’s Bright Young People: The Rise and Fall of a Generation 1918-1940 and Martin Pugh’s We Danced all Night. I’ve learned that time’s ladies were keen on  short hair. I really got too much inspiration. ”

As the future host of Downton Abey, Mary’s curly bun, like the shining black jade, makes her more elegant and dignified. And the second daughter, Edith always stands the fashion frontier: learn to drive a tractor; write columns for newspaper. And her hair is short bob curly, shining as the sunshine, matching with her white skin, makes her more attractive and charming. Sybil, a bravo, pursuit her love without care any tackles. Her middle part curly black hair is the symbol of her sweet and courage.

The Great Gatsby


Maybe the short-cut style hair is just a kind of hair style for fashion women, but it immediately popular among the world when Carey Mulligan wears the hottest short hair of the 1920’s: ear-short, slightly curly, as golden as the sunshine. Carey will star in many films, so she have to wear wig usually this year, ”otherwise it will damage my hair and waste much time on hair styling. ”

Inside Lewyn Davis


Carey Mulligan play the role of Jean Berkey, a hippies of 1960’s, lived in the Greenwich Village,”her hair style came from Mary Travers, a member of Peter,Paul And Mary, a famous folk band. Using the brown wigs to make it fewer and more scattered. And the color is omber.”

Grace of Monaco


Nicole Kidman stared this film and had four types wigs, “the story happened in 1962

Though the film is not a biography, so the hair no need too much changes.But we all use a wig, such as buns and braids, in all the dancing parties Grace have there. The hair stylist Kerry Warn said.

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