Prom and Wedding Hairstyles in a Snap!

Prom is coming up and you’re ready for the magical night! But wait a second…  Hair style? (Cue deep sigh.) That’s when you remember you still have no idea how to do your prom hair.

Have you been avoiding the whole hairdo concept because of how overwhelmed you feel when you think about it? Your hair may not be as long as you wish it were, it might be too thin and drab for an updo or worse yet, you’re experiencing hair loss. We know how you feel. But believe it or not, it’s still possible to get the look you want. So, stop avoiding the issue cause we’re here to help!

Hair Extensions

You’ll want to let the neckline of your dress be the guide for the hairstyle you choose. Hair extensions are a great way to add a lot of look in a quick and easy way. When we say you can achieve prom hair in a snap, we mean literally!

Cute & Simple

Bellissima braid hairpiece Dancing with the Stars

If you want to wear your hair down, try this thin fishtail headband. The Bellissima braid is perfect for a spaghetti strap dress. This headband instantly transforms your hairstyle into a super trendy look. Braids were seen everywhere at this year’s red carpet!

Tip: Tease the hair at the crown to add a bit of height to your hair.

Bombshell Hair

easiXtend Elite Remy Human Hair hair extensions by easihair

Not only does Gisele Bündchen have a killer body (leg envy) but also her hair is in a constant state of perfection. That long beautiful hair is her signature. Not to mention those effortless curls make her look as if she were constantly shooting near a beach! (Obviously we love to hate this woman.) Want the same look sans the sand and humidity? Try the easiXtend remy human hair extensions, available in both 16 and 20 inches. This 8pc extension system perfectly adds the length and volume you need to mimic the bombshell look. This hairstyle compliments all dress necklines.

Tip: Get the beach waves look by using the Enzo Milano curling iron.

Glam Updo

Stylemaker Hairwrap POP

Updos are the epitome of glamour. But a lot of the times they can look stiff and pageantry. A messy (but chic) updo is the perfect antidote to a dated hairstyle. Simply wrap the Stylemaker hairpiece around your bun and you’re good to go! This hairstyle is particularly perfect for a dress with a high neckline.

Tip: For EXTRA glam add accessories such as a sparkly barrette or a jeweled headband.

Pony Up in Style

The ponytail continues to be all the rage this season! It’s a quick and easy hairstyle that has proven to be just as glamorous as the most intricate of updos. The 23” Wrap Around Pony adds the length you need to be the ‘mane’ beauty of the night. AND this hairpiece is made from heat-friendly synthetic hair so you can add a tighter curl or straighten for a long sleek ponytail. The ponytail is perfect for halter-top necklines, although it will look great with any dress.

Tip: Update the pony look by teasing at the crown to create a ‘bump’.


Wigging Updos

If you suffer from hair loss there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still rock the heck out of the prom with a wig. Wigs can look just as good (in some cases better!) than your own natural hair. You have a TON of options to choose from: short to long, straight to curly, synthetic hair or human hair – you name it! In fact, you could even wear your wig in an updo!

Always by Raquel Welch is the perfect example of how you could wear your wig in a down do! So please don’t let your hair loss get in the way of having a wonderful time at one of the most special nights of your life.


Have a preference for wigs even on that special big day? Come to Uniwigs bridal wigs. Our super stylish and unbelievably natural looking wigs would be your perfect choice for your wedding hair or wedding-party hair needs.


-Create an Instant Elegant Look

If you are looking for a simple, yet classic addition to your existing hair, try a hair piece. Uniwigs Hair pieces with various colors and styles will absolutely be complemented with accents such as sparkly rhinestones or bright, bridal, hair-flower pieces.


-Create an Instant Elegant Look

If you are looking for a simple, yet classic addition to your existing hair, try a hair piece. Uniwigs Hair pieces with various colors and styles will absolutely be complemented with accents such as sparkly rhinestones or bright, bridal, hair-flower pieces.

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How to Buy Wigs Wholesale

Wigs are a versatile product with uses ranging from costuming to providing comfort for recovering chemotherapy patients. Due to the many purposes of wigs, there is a great disparity in quality of different kinds of wigs, and smart shopping is necessary to ensure the right wig is chosen for the occasion. Online wholesale wig retailers offer a variety of high-quality products at relatively low prices, which can be resold or added to your own private collection.


Visit or to find many different styles of wholesale wigs. If you are interested in reselling wigs, navigate to to find an application to receive an index of wig wholesalers.

Create an account on or features open registration, but an account on must be created over the phone at 1-800-421-1940 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 pm.. You will need to provide a business license number to complete the account’s creation.


Select a style of wig that you would like to purchase. offers the ability to sort the wigs based on composition, manufacturer or color, while wigs can be sorted by composition, price, manufacturer or item name.

Add the wigs you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. This can be done using the “add to cart” button found on or using the SKU numbers found on

Complete the transaction and supply the retailer with the necessary information, including your name, address and credit card number. All orders on must total at least $200.

If opening a wig retailer, purchase a variety of stylish wigs to build your inventory.

Online Store:

Keri Russell: Secret Celebrity Makeup Artist

I’ve got a hot Hollywood discovery for you girls: Keri Russell may be the star of The Americans and a busy mom by day, but by night she’s a top secret celebrity makeup artist!

Liz McClean, Lucky magazine stylist and budding fashion designer, held a fashion show to display pieces from her clothing line. Guess who was caught doing the models’ makeup? That’s right: Liz’s friend Keri Russell brought along her own makeup bag and went to work.

“I didn’t do too much – it was about keeping the focus on Liz’s clothes,” Keri explains. “A litle mineral powder to smooth out skin, mascara, and lip gloss, and that was it!”

Excuses, excuses… Keri’s trying to play it off, but I think she took a cue from her role as Ethan Hunt’s girlfriend in Mission: Impossible and is something of a beauty secret agent herself. Go ahead – prove me wrong!


The Benefits of Shopping at

Uniwigs makes it easy to shop for wigs online. We provide valuable questions and answers about lace wigs and lace wig tutorial videos at our blog that will help you understand how this revolutionary type of wig can benefit your overall beauty and lifestyle.

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Do you need help or have a question? Our skilled associates are standing by ready to help you with answering any questions 24/7. E-mail or call us at 1-888-424-7396 for a FREE consultation. Our wig experts are ready to offer suggestions from their vast experience that will make your wig shopping experience wonderful. Take a moment to ready our frequently asked questions written by experts below.

Questions & Answers Written by Lace Front Wig Experts

  • What is a lace front wig?

    A lace front wig is a type of wig which is constructed with lace in the front, other known as “lacefront” and a stretchable lace cap in the back. The lace appears as if it’s part of the natural hairline.

    • How is a lace wig made?

      A lace wig is made by taking Swiss or French lace and contouring it to a mold of a head using wig measurements. Once the cap is completed remy hair is used sewn into the wig based on the selected length and quality. The last step is texturing the hair to meet your desired look.

      How do I attach a my lace wig?

      A lace wig can be attached to your scalp through various methods depending on your preference and the type of wig selected. In most cases, a full lace wig can be attached using glue or tape. But there some wig that require no glue at all. If you are looking to get it professionally applied, you can visit the Hair Salon Find site to locate a wig application specialist in your area.

Cap Styles for Lace Front Wigs & Full Lace Wigs

We offer serveral different cap styles for our in stock and custom lace wigs. View our available cap styles and descriptions below.

Cap 1. Full Lace Cap with Ear to Ear Stretch in Crown

This is one our most popular and natural looking cap styles. This cap style allows you to wear your hair in updos and high ponytails as it has lace all around the perimeter. The cap will also stretch to fit your head so sizing usually dosen’t matter.

full lace wig cap with ear to ear stretch

Cap 2. Lace Front Wig Cap with Adjustable Straps

This cap style is the most affordable and will fit anyone. It’s made with a french lace front and durable stretch lace in the back. Adjustable straps are added to provide a secure fit. If you are new to lace wigs or are looking for a more affordable daily solution – This style cap is recommended.

lace front wig cap with adjustable straps

Cap 3. Synthetic Lace Front Cap with Adjustable Straps

This lace cap is composed with a lace front around the front hairline and stretch integration throughout the back. The hair is synthetic high grade fibers, therefore its the most affordable NON-HUMAN hair lace front wig we make.

synthetic lace fron wig cap with adjustable straps in back

Cap 4. Silk Top Lace Cap with Hidden Knots

The silk top It gives you the most natural looking middle hair part over any other cap style. This cap style allows you to wear your hair in updos and high ponytails as it has lace all around the perimeter.

When glued down, it will give you a natural hairline all around the perimeter. It can be parted anywhere throughout the unit to create a natural looking part and it has 100% Hidden Knots to make your part look even more natural. No stocking cap needed!

silk top wig cap made with hidden knots

Cap 5. Glueless Full Lace Wig (Combs at Front with Back Adjustable Straps)

This cap style is perfect if you are wearing short cuts that come into the face or cuts with bangs. All of the hairs are handtied into the cap and it can be parted anywhere throughout the wig. This cap style does not allow you to wear your hair in High updos and High ponytails.Knots to make your part look even more natural. No stocking cap needed! Learn more:Wig Cap

gluless ful llace wig cap with combs and adjustable straps in the the back

How Do They Make Human Hair Wigs?

If you’re new to the world of wigs and are considering making an investment in a human hair piece, the variety can be overwhelming. Learning about hair quality and cap construction will help you refine your search in finding a human hair wig that best fits your needs.
Virgin Human Hair

Virgin hair is harvested from several different regions.The most common hair types used in human hair wigs are known as Asian, Indian and European hair. Different hair types may be blended or kept as a single source.

Wefted Wig Caps

Wefted wig caps are created from hair that has been woven together with nylon thread to create strips of hair, known as wefts. The wefts are stitched together, by hand or in an automated process, to form a crosshatch that is visible when turned inside out.

Hand-Tied Wigs
Hand-tied human hair wigs feature a thin mesh as a base for the cap. Single strands of hair are applied and knotted one by one to the waffle pattern of the mesh using precision tools. A hand tied wig can take up to a month to be completed.


Monofilament is a hand-tied mesh piece that is sewn into the front of wefted wigs to offer flexible, natural-looking parts at the hairline.

Thin Skin Inserts

Thin skin is a silicone insert used in the front portion of many wefted wigs Hairs are inserted into the silicone in a natural pattern to create the appearance of a natural scalp.

Processing and Styling

Once wigs are constructed, the human hair is processed for color, texture and wave pattern, and is then cut into a style. Styles may be a distinct look, or a long length for further customization.

Human hair wigs offer many advantages over synthetic hair wigs. Not only do they look very natural, but human hair wigs are…

Human hair from Uniwigs

Hair used by Uniwigs is mainly from the hair market in Juancheng, hair city of China. In addition, Goodyard also purchases hair from other hair markets around the world. According to the sources, human hair can be divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, European hair, etc.

European hair is very rare in the market. So the price is very expensive. Indian hair and Chinese hair are both Asian hair. It is hard to tell the difference. From the out looking, Indian hair has the natural wave, but Chinese hair does not. If you touch it, Indian hair is soft and thin, but Chinese hair is thicker. At present, Chinese hair accounts for 40% of the total hair output in the world.

There are two types of hair in the market, Remy hair and non-Remy hair. Remy hair is cut directly from the donor. Non-Remy hair or what we call fallen hair has fallen in the natural shedding process like washing and combing, and then been collected together. Unlike Remy hair, non-Remy hair is not healthy because fallen is a shortage of hair nutrition. It will tangle easily after several times’ wash.


Nowadays, the products made from Remy hair usually will be twice as expensive as those made from fallen hair. Thus, some people use non-Remy hair counterfeit Remy hair. How can we distinguish Remy hair and non-Remy hair? As non-Remy hair is fallen naturally so there will be hair follicles which you can see clearly by eyes. Remy hair is cut from the head, so no hair follicles exist. Besides, after several washings, Remy hair would keep good smooth and soft, but non-Remy hair would get tangle and shedding badly.
In order to keep quality on a stable and high level, Goodyard only uses Remy human hair for hair products(Wigs). Our quality control team would ensure the hair quality from the beginning of raw material.

Instructions for Straightening Human Hair Wigs

Although cheaper, lighter weight, more fade-resistant than human hair wigs, synthetic hair needs to be redesigned professional, should you want to change your look. From the creation of human hair wigs, however, can be easily re -designed home or your hairdresser, in the same way to create a new look, you’ll style natural hair. Make existing hair, straighten your human hair wigs, and create a whole new look, just a little bit of effort.


The wig to wig stand. Use a wide -tooth comb or wig brush, brush the wig gently to remove any tangles. From the beginning of the hair and work toward the top of the section. Mist hair with a small amount of water or a wig, make the task easier.

Patch with warm water and add 1 tsp. Wig shampoo. Swirls shampoo to ensure that the water and dispersed.


The wig inside out, and put it into the sink. Gently shake its rotary motion until all the hair is completely soaked with water and shampoo. Leave the wig soak for five minutes.

Removal of wigs and empty the dirty water from the device. Flush tank to ensure that there is no shampoo residue. Fill it with cold water.

The wig back into the sink and stir it gently rinse out shampoo. Freshwater repeated several times until all shampoo has been completely removed.

Refill the sink with water, add a teaspoon of hair wigs. The wig into water and stirred again. Remove from the water and rinse with water conditioner.

Squeeze out the water from the wig gently and place it into a towel. Use the second towel, dry to absorb excess moisture.

The wig to wig stand. From the hair, I put a roll position, gently shake the hair around it. Roll pin in place with two rollers. Repeat this process until the entire wig has been ups and downs. Allow air drying or styling wigs or natural heat with a hair dryer on the lowest.

Remove the rollers and gently shake cod wig. Brush hair with a wig brush again, and a new hair straightening is ready to wear.