What is Monofilament Wigs?

Monofilament wigs are including monofilament top wigs, monofilament crown wigs, and monofilament parting line wigs. Among these, Mono top wigs are the most popular style. It has a Mono size of about 5″ X 5″ or 4.5″ X5.5″ over the top of the wig. The wig cap structures are designed by our technicians according to hair styles of different wigs, and we also can supply both human hair and synthetic hair for monofilament wigs. We’re proud of our top-class professional technical team who will provide with the most fashionable design and fabulous workmanship to our customers.
Monofilament wigs’ material is a thin gauze-like, nearly transparent material of the wigs which is much more comfortable to the touch. Hair strands are attached by hand-knotting them to this material, one strand at a time, hence the term “mono-filament”. This allows the strands to swivel freely on base and so the monofilament wig is more easily styled. This weaving technique also creates ventilation. The monofilament wigs will breathe while worn, and this prevents heat and moisture buildup. The monofilament fabric itself is nearly transparent, and so takes on the approximate color of your own natural scalp, whatever shade that is. This amazing “chameleon” effect is another plus to the monofilament wig design. It has been said that a monofilament part is the most natural looking part in the wig industry, because it bares the natural scalp color of the wearer.
Density of wigs is hard to gauge from photos and a lot depends on your hair length, how curly it is, how dark it is, the lighting, etc. which contains industry standard densities of 50%, 80%, 100%, 130%, 150% and 180% density of wig.
100% density of wigs or “light-to medium” Normal density that offers light airy part,  Full head of healthy hair.
130% density of wigs or “medium” This is only called medium because these names are derived from the ladies wig industry. 130% density of wig is maybe okay for a woman who wants her hair to look full and voluminous.
150% density of wigs or “medium-heavy” Nice density for a ladies wig, very full and thick, nice density for yaki textures.
180% density of wigs or “heavy” The 180% density is a common density for wig industry, many women like hair to look very full, and youthful, the 180% is nice density for woman.
Different hair knotting techniques are used to knot hair into the base of the Monofilament wigs, providing different performance and results. The quality of the wigs makers workmanship will have a great impact on the finished look.
Single hair, single knots are considered the best method of knotting producing a tiny knot for each individual hand-tied hair. Two or three individual hairs can be single knotted on the wigs cap at one time speeding up the process to the detrimental of creating a larger knot with less aesthetically pleasing finish.
Usually, Wigs include Monofilament wigs are made as single knots around perimeter, double knots other parts. Double knots literally involve knotting hair twice to produce a double knot which provides a stronger, more robust knot. The resultant knots are however even more visible under close inspection. This is a particular problem when trying to create a natural hairline of the wigs and for this reason most front hair lines should be single hair, single knotted on a flesh tone lace material of the wigs.
The term hair injection refers to the method of inserting a series of hairs through a layer of polyurethane before coating the underside of the base with a single layer of liquid form polyurethane. Upon setting (or curing) the inserted hairs remain trapped between the two transparent layers.
Hair injection of Monofilament wigs is a relatively new method of wigs, becoming increasingly popular due to its natural appearance, free of knots.

Wigs—New Favorite For Fashionable Girls

Wigs, with the new concept”Head Fashion”, have gradually become the new favorite of the fashion industry. Wigs are prevalent mainly among the fashionable girls of 80s and 90s. They love beauty, have creative and unique mind and stand for a simpler way of life and freedom without restraint. Wigs have already become a necessity of their daily life. Let’s us hear their voice together.

Fashionable Accessories with Elegant Style

Tanya, Office Lady, 30 years’ old

As a public relation manager of top global 500 companies, I frequently went to attend high-end occasions. The elegant and proper appearance is very important to me. With various clothes, shoes, and bags in the closet, I can do an excellent match according to different occasions. However, every time hairstyle is a problem. Normal and plain hairstyle affects the overall match effect to a large extent, but I cannot manage to squeeze time to go to the salon and do my hair. So annoying.

Lead Fashion Trend, Shape Changeable Images

Niki, Model, 27 years’ old

I have to change the hairstyle to shape different images due to my career–a model. My hair was damaged badly after a long time blowing, pulling, perming and dying. When I get in touch with wigs, hair extensions and other hair products, I recommend to my stylist and successfully make the same effect before without any damage to my personal hair.

Nowadays the fashionable and changeable wigs are available very conveniently. Not only in the working time, but also in the daily life, I like wear a wig to display a unique and attractive appearance.

Exaggerate Hairstyle, Live a Unique Life

Annie, High School Student, 22 years’ old

Wearing exaggerate and colorful wigs, I walked on the street with a fashionable clothing and got 100% rate of second glance. That is the moment I enjoy most. However, schools are very strict on students’ appearance and it is impossible to dye and perm a non-mainstream hairstyle.

But through wigs, situation completely changed. Whenever I attend a party or go to shop. Just pick up one of the wigs and then an exaggerated appearance formed.

Conclusion: Wig has become the symbol of fashion as nowadays people pay more attention to the beauty and fashion. If you are an 80s or 90s and have never worn a wig before, then you are”OUT”. Without several wigs in hand, your life is too boring and plain. Try to use wigs to rich your life and show the taste and personality, and you will get far beyond the expectation.


When talking about Michelle Obama, the 44th first lady and wife of President Barack Obama, there is a lot we should explore. For most fashion women, they may still be impressed by her classic hairstyles.

Michelle Obama

Since Michelle Obama became the latest First Lady of the United States, she immediately gained the fashion community’s vote for her all-American style. We’ve always thought Michelle Obama had the elegance and grace of a model, and she is definitely a style icon, not only with clothes but also with hairstyles. She’s a great role model for women. As her new life begins, her trends with hair and fashion will be in the constant media spotlight. We love seeing her romantic looks and stylist taste for classic fashion.

Michelle Obama has been in the White House for many years—and while the rest of the world has been lusting after her impeccable sense of style, the beauty editors among us have been marveling at her incredible range of hairstyles. Who’s responsible for those tresses? Johnny Wright, the First Lady’s exclusive hairstylist and artistic style director for Soft Sheen-Carson. Not surprisingly, the Chicago native is similarly fashion-minded. “The hair is just like any other accessory,” he told us. “You’ve really got to make it go with what you’re wearing.” We dished with Wright and got tips for pulling off styles that are downright presidential.


Hair Colors We Absolutely Love

Burgundy Beauty

This rich red is really deep and has a bit of a copper undertone to it that really pops when it catches the light. The burgundy tone is absolutely gorgeous!

Burgundy Wither Hair Colors

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

This rich burgundy is great for medium skin tones. All hair types can achieve this hair color.


For a lower maintenance look, opt for a color that is at or around the same level as your natural hair color so that you won’t have as much of a noticeable line as your hair grows out.

Holiday Ombre

These cute chestnut colored curls have a sweet surprise! The tips are lightened and then dipped in a deep berry color. What a fun and fresh way to sport an ombre hairstyle.

Holiday Ombre Winter Hair Color


Holiday Ombre Back View with Curls

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Medium to dark skin tones can wear this hue best. Virgin hair would work great to start. Sport your natural color (virgin hair) and just color the tips.


Consider trying out hair chalk to achieve the red tips instead of bleaching and dying for a safer, more temporary result.

Copper Cutie

This glamorous color could be considered a dark strawberry blonde. The explosion of copper is toned out with a little bit of a brown undertone. The brown keeps it nice and natural looking and not clownish.

Copper Cutie Long Look

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair skin tones can rock this color best. Hair types that are on the lighter side naturally are easy to tone down to this color.


Always have your roots slightly deeper than the rest of your hair color for a more natural result. Hot roots are not cute!

Cinnamon and Spice

This sweet strawberry blonde is a great idea for blondes this winter. Simply have your colorist deposit some rich copper tones to highlighted strands for a totally glamorous look. Coloring over your highlights will result in some breathtaking dimension!

Cinnamon and Spice Winter Hair Colors

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

Fair skin tones on pre-lightened hair work best for this winter hair color look.


Keep up with your look or let the copper gloss fade out on it’s own and start highlighting it blonde again when summer comes around.

Dark Cherry

Winter is a great time to go a shade or two darker with your hair color. Here a dark/medium level brown is taken down even more to a dark chocolate brown shade. The ends are colored a deep dark burgundy and make the curls look like a cherry sundae. Yum!
Read more at http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/color/winter.html#U5YTEbsUkXtoSCKJ.99