Wigs for summer and summer hairstyles at 2013


How many of you are thinking about staying fabulous and cool while wearing a wig? We know most wigs are too hot to wear for summer, so what are your solutions to beat this summer heat without stay away from wigs? None? Come to Uniwigs for ideas then!

Remember this: Wearing wigs in the summer don’t have to be a burden if you choose the right wigs. Uniwigs exclusive summer page displays our best lightweight wigs and capless wigs – all prove to be winning styles. You will look and feel cooler with these elaborately chosen ventilated synthetic wigs which are constructed to be similar to natural hair and lightweight for your comfort.


Summer 2013 is upon us, and no doubt many of you and your clients are looking for a new summer hair color or summer hair style to try out!As experts in the salon industry, we are expected to continually give new hairstyle suggestions. And with that being said, we’ve compiled what we see as the most popular summer 2013 hair trends to come – enjoy!

Summer hair styles should reflect the laid-back nature of summer, while taking into consideration the hair will be constantly fighting the elements of summer: wind, humidity, water, and heat. You know what they say, if you can’t bea them, join them. Embrace summer as a time for clients to wear their hair wavy and curly. Related:organic

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Hair Extensions in different ways to use

Clip-in Extensions Smaller, temporary extensions typically do not need the services of an expert. the foremost basic style of extensions merely clip onto existing hair, a method which will typically be done reception while not abundant effort, though a stylist might facilitate attach them or dye the hair to raised match the wearer’s natural color. Hair hooked up this fashion typically solely lasts for on a daily basis or an evening, though clip in hair extensions will be reused repeatedly.

Micro Links and Shrink Links Longer-lasting extensions will be added  to natural hair with metal rings or scleroprotein conduit. during this method, the hair is hooked up to atiny low ring or tube, that is clamped onto items of real hair. this can be a well-liked methodology, as harm to the natural hair is least, and no adhesives or solvents ar used that would doubtless irritate sensitive skin. They can, however, be tough to get rid of, add extra weight to the hair, and might loosen once many washings, cathartic a number of the strands. consultants do not typically advocate this methodology for fine hair.

Bonding Bonding or gluing typically involves longer wefts of hair, tracks which will be up to six inches (15.24 cm) long. associate adhesive is applied to the roots of the hair before the extension is applied. This methodology is sometimes comparatively fast to try and do, however doesn’t last as long as others.
Fusing A special adhesive may also be wont to fuse extensions into real hair. little items of hair will be hooked up with this methodology. Hot fusion might involve trimming the extension into the natural hair and bonding them in conjunction with a wax adhesive. Less normally, fusion ways is also wont to attach the extensions.

Fusing typically takes many hours to use, and can typically need the same quantity of your time to get rid of, though it depends on the precise technique and adhesives used. There ar merchandise that permit fusion to be done reception however professionally united extensions tend to last longer and value a lot of.

Weaving Hair extensions may also be sewed into the hair. The person’s natural hair is sometimes adorned  tight and shut to the scalp in cornrows, and therefore the woof sewed into the braid. the method will take an extended time, because the person’s own hair should be adorned  1st, and a few individuals realize the whole procedure to be terribly painful. This methodology may additionally be quite expensive , though it always lasts for an extended time.

Choosing a Stylist creating the choice to induce hair extensions will represent a considerable money and time commitment. The initial value are exaggerated with skilled merchandise designed to stay the extensions, in addition because the natural hair, healthy; extensions conjointly generally need frequent journeys to the salon for maintenance as existing hair grows out. associate inexperienced stylist will create poor decisions leading to hair harm, therefore anyone considering hair extensions ought to opt for one World Health Organization has had the correct coaching and skill to maximise the investment needed.

Hair extension suppliers ar generally authorized  cosmetologists well trained within the several ways of applying hair extensions. once selecting a stylist, an individual ought to raise regarding coaching, certification, and skill, in addition as be specific regarding his or her wants and issues. Some stylists keep a portfolio with photos of past customers, and can provide references upon request.